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Living Legacy Podcast

Apr 19, 2019

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In this episode, I share my top ten ways I always begin my day
As a cancer survivor, I’m grateful to be alive
I share my morning regimen which includes

  • As a Muslim - I Pray Five Prayers a day so I begin my day with Yoga-Style Prayers
  • Washing My Face - Due to the sensitivity of my face and the quality of my Pillow Cases
  • Being an Entrepreneur, creating My own flexible schedule despite my Natural Alarm Clock
  • I Never Skip Breakfast even though I Don’t Always Need Coffee
  • No Noise in the morning - with the exception of my favorite music
  • One Hour a Day Per Project Which Varies Per Day
  • I share my best functional times of Day
  • Depending on how I wake Up depends on how I go to bed - No rigorous tasks or decision making, no heavy meals before bed
  • I write down my dreams, thoughts, and feelings, some of them become deja vu moments and manifestations
  • No more than 10 things in a to-do list so I don’t get overwhelmed

Apps mentioned: ColorNote for Android

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