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Mar 29, 2019

My only male guest In this podcast season is my father. He shares his story of wanting to be a minister

One summer after going to Columbus Ohio and how Islam came into his life at a young age.

  • He shares how his childhood friends noticed the change in his character that lead him toward Islam.
  • He shares his life story and how he converted to Islam.
  • He shares how Islam brought himself and my mother together.
  • I share my experience growing up as an African American Muslimah.
  • He shares what he did before he retired, about the time Islam first came into his life, how important religion is in his life, even as a teenage boy in the 60’s and an adult in the 70’s
  • How Islam shaped his businesses and affected being accepted into his first few jobs
  • He talks about his taxi cab business and company
  • How it shaped his life as a father and changed his perspective on marriage.
  • The difference between faith and religion - what happens when you believe in things that you cannot see
  • How it helped to cope with my health challenges as a childhood cancer survivor
  • Why it was important to live near a masjid-mosque-place of worship whenever we moved
  • How going to Hajj and fulfilling pilgrimage changed their perspective on Islamic principles
  • His decision to become a Moor and change his name
  • The common misconception about Islam
  • Speaks from the perspective of both Christian and Muslim

This will be the longest, most real and most raw episode I have recorded yet.

  •  one on one conversation if someone asks about my hijab or headscarf or whenever I was fasting growing up in middle school
  • How I automatically became a Muslim
  • My conflict with Islam
  • Islam is within me. My connection to God/Allah is strong
  • Attending Islamic School which was a private school
  • Finding that community as an adult
  • Traveling to Muslim Countries
  • Growing up listening to Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) at summer camps
  • Why I choose Islam - Makes me a better person reason for being so fearless in others’ eyes
  • Five Most Important Duties of a Muslim
  • When You are not required to fast if you are a woman
  • I share Well known rappers, actors, athletes, and comedians who are born Muslim or who have converted to Islam.

Quotes to Take Away:

America is adverse to Islam - even though they are very similar

The fuel that keeps you going

Home is where the heart is

Islam is a way of life - Islam lives within

My parents live near a state highway in my dad’s hometown of Etowah, TN, so you’ll hear the sound effects of vehicles speeding by

Well known rappers, singers, actors, athletes and comedians who converted to Islam:

  • Akon
  • Raekwon
  • A Tribe Called Quest (Q-Tip)
  • Dave Chapelle
  • Ice Cube
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  • Mike Tyson
  • Hakeem Olajuwon
  • French Montana
  • DJ Khaled
  • Mos Def
  • Zayn Malik
  • Lupe Fiasco
  • Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)
  • Jermaine Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Mahershala Ali

Muslim Women:

  • Amal Clooney
  • Iman (Model)