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Apr 12, 2019

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Dr. Adrianne Rochelle Pinkney is the founder of B. Well: Live Consciously, integrative wellness and life coaching. We met through Operation Crossroads Africa.

In this episode, she talks about

  • Why she started B Well Coaching
  • how she got into entrepreneurship with a plan.
  • Before leaving the Education and Corporate World, she was just doing the work until she got the calling over her life.
  • How fear Stopped her from going the entrepreneurship route
  • How faith helped her the most
  • Why emotional health is important
  • Born and raised in North Carolina
  • Lived in California for one year at Pepperdine
  • Lived in Atlanta for 10 years
  • Before moving home to Charlotte, NC
  • This is where she wants to settle
  • She’s a southern belle and she loves it
  • She’s been to 10+ countries
  • She talks about what she wants for her life
  • She has an assistant for her business
  • She found God traveling and you get a stronger sense of who you are when you travel
  • The clarity came from travel
  • How you heal from relationships
  • What is conscious wellness

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Quotes to Take Away:

  • “The sense of retirement is something only you can give yourself”
  • “We are consciously leading based on feeling”
  • “We feel our feelings”
  • “The “E” in emotion is energy in motion”
  • “Our state of well being is always tied to our emotional health”
  • “Be honest with yourself will allow you to be honest with others”
  • “Some people are doing what they are doing because they have not gotten the clarity”
  • “Those who do know are in guilt with how they are using their time every day”
  • “We are not truly listening to our bodies we are not conscious in our relationships”
  • “Being clear and awake to how you use your time, words, in your body, on your body”
  • “Heal yourself”
  • “Life doesn’t get better by chance, choice, and change”
  • “Make the choice to change and do something different so you can experience something”

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