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Dec 30, 2022

Join Me in the Phocused Creatives Community and Get Access to Exclusive Content

Are you an artist, musician, or designer? Join the community and get access to exclusive content and opportunities! Become a member of the Creative community and get instant access to exclusive content and opportunities, as well as the support you need to grow your artistic career. You'll have access to training programs, blog posts, and much more. Joining the Creative community is a great way to connect with other artists and maintain the ambition to create

We focus on helping WOC entrepreneurs with their social media growth, business and systems strategy and branding services. Phocused Creatives is a membership community that empowers with 200 Creative women of color who want to build their personal brand, become more knowledgeable in the digital space and build their business the right way. Join the tribe of women of faith that you need to help you stay on track with your purpose. 

Join the Phocused Creative Community. You can join the community for free.

Choose the different tiers of the creative community to join us every Third Wednesday of the month for live mentoring sessions. Become a paid member today with a free trial for seven days.

Zaakirah Muhammad has more than 10 years of professional photography and branding experience. She empowers people to step outside of their comfort zone through her gift of visual storytelling. Zaakirah is also the CEO and founder of Phocused Media Group which empowers and supports the growth of minority-owned businesses. She has overcome many challenges, including cancer, and autoimmune disease to establish herself as an innovative voice in the marketing industry.