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Mar 31, 2023

Khadirah Muhammad is a Marketing Automation & Systems Engineer, and CEO of Omnipotent Consulting with two decades of experience in entrepreneurship with the goal of empowering you to fall in love with systems and automation.

She helps her digital marketing clients, coaches, consultants and service providers leverage systems and automation so they can gain back 500 hours of their time without feeling overwhelmed with tech.

This episode is an excerpt from the See Life DIfferent Virtual Summit.

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In this episode she shares:

Two of the 4 C's in her 4C framework: Create and Clarity

How to diagnose your own business so you are not creating a band-aid solution for a prescription problem.

How to set the GPS is your own business

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My name is Zaakirah Muhammad and I am an author of seeing life through a different lens. I am a childhood eye cancer survivor of a big childhood, eye cancer called retinoblastoma, and the host and producer of the See Life Different podcast and the See Life Different Summit.

The See Life Different Podcast is for marginalized women to hear stories and be empowered in their personal and professional life around mindfulness, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

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