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Mar 17, 2023

Women's History Month and a lot has been going on. And I think what happens is, it can deflect and reflect and show so we're going to talk about how the See Life different virtual summit went, and some little tidbits, some tidbits, and points for you to take away from, especially as you're going through the remainder of the month of March.

For show notes and tanscript:

go to so that you can get this information because what happens is these speaker resources are so good that you really got to purchase the replay in order to get access

Speakers Include: Pamela D. Marshall of the Art of Forgiveness
YaQutullah Muhammad of Nutrition Prescriptions
Khadirah Muhammad of Omnipotent Consulting

Impact Weekend Live by Maya Elious is a 3 day business conference for women of faith to master their message and build their digital brand, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Links mentioned: Pop Up and Create coworking and event space in Marietta, Georgia by Lashana West


  • Don’t be booked and busy, be productive and paid
  • Follow your intuition
  • Choose Your Why
  • Show gratitude
  • Build Trust
  • The power of the community in networking
  • Lessons are going to be there until you actually learn it
  • What’s next for the See Life Different Brand?
  • What do you want your legacy to be? What do you want to be known for?

My name is Zaakirah Muhammad and I am an author of seeing life through a different lens. I am a childhood eye cancer survivor of a big childhood, eye cancer called retinoblastoma, but I'm the host and the producer, producer of the See Life Different podcast and the See Life Different Summit.

The See Life Different Podcast is for marginalized women to hear stories and be empowered in their personal and professional life around mindfulness, creativity, and entrepreneurship.