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Dec 20, 2019

To conclude season two, I get to interview Constance Carter. She is an International Best-Selling Author, Investor, Speaker, and the CEO of the largest African American owned Residential Real Estate & Lending firm in Northern California. She runs the most prominent African American female-owned real estate firm in Northern California.

Her books include O.N.E, Build Credit to Build Wealth, Keeping Score and the latest release, The Secret to Breaking the B.R.O.K.E Code.

This book is aimed to help people realize their full God-given potential so they don’t only change

their lives, but positively affect the lives of others. Recognizing that most people aren’t living up to their potential, Constance lays out the blueprint of what it takes to manifest your dreams. This book is for anyone who has the courage to break generational curses and create a legacy of wealth and royalty. For those who want to reflect on their life knowing they made a difference in someone else’s, and those individuals who have ever felt inadequate but believe life can be better.


Constance thrives in being a catalyst to bridging the inequities in underserved communities to create transformational change and creating legacies that transcend generations.

Between running her successful real estate firm, public speaking, her training programs,

media appearances, in addition to having a busy family of 6, she truly lives by her motto, "Nobody Works Harder than Constance Carter."

Visit her links below to learn more about her.

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