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Nov 19, 2021

This episode is an excerpt of a conversation from the See Life Different Summit 2021.

Ashlee Green is the host of the Eff the Glitter Podcast and founder of A Louise Creative

She is our team member at Phocused Media Group. It’s a great time to meet the team.

She is an eighties baby whose mission is to help entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses by designing and building systems through her company, A. Louise Creative. When not designing, speaking, or teaching Ashlee can be found grooving to Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite and watching family comedies with her husband and kids. In this conversation you’ll hear how down-to-earth and humorous she is.

She is a self taught graphic and brand designer with a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling. By thinking outside of the box with unconventional ideas, Ashlee helps people navigate their wants, determine their needs, and figure out the steps needed to achieve their business goals. She launched a podcast, Eff the Glitter, which caters to other like-minded creatives. She was born in Maryland but now lives in Houston, Texas. We got to meet in person in Houston in September 2021. I was actually a guest on her podcast not once but twice.

Connect with Ashlee:

The See Life Different Summit is a summit for women by women. It’s a 3 day virtual event with over 25 speakers. This is a story of more positivity, gratitude, and manifestation, and also how to be creative. Master your mindest, imagery (your brand), and your marketing (tell your story).

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