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Mar 15, 2019

This episode, I interview Jacqueline Hardaway Kakembo who went to Sierra Leone in 1965. She recruited me to Ghana in 2011. Operation Crossroads Africa is a U.S.-based, non-profit organization that has cross-cultural exchanges and small-scale service projects in Africa. It is the Peace Corps before the Peace Corps. For 7 weeks each summer, teams of 8 to 10 volunteers, a group leader and local volunteers join to work together.  Learn more: For show notes:

Bear with me as audio is bumpy - this is a previously recorded interview with timeless gems about how she found out about Operation Crossroads Africa, why she stuck with the organization and some of her favorite memories.

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Show Notes/ Points to Take Away:

Operation Crossroads Africa description - Peace Corps before the Peace Corps

I met my husband - through Operation Crossroads Africa

Interviewing Jacqueline Hardaway Kakembo

How I met Jackie - Through a friend of my Dad

My Crossroads Trip and Application Experience

I briefly worked with helped them launch their social media pages

Jackie Was at my Wedding or Elopement in the Gambia

Crossroads Years

Sierra Leone 1965 - Participation - Nursing Student

2003, 2005, 2006, 2008 Niger - Group Leader - One project was the National Museum for Niger, Recreation Project Second Time, Medical Project for the third time

Togo 2010 - education project

The Gambia 2014 - Nursing

Uganda 2015 - Primary School

Why she is still involved in Crossroads

Impact of Crossroads on her life

How she found out about Crossroads

Fellow Alumni member Donald Scoggins

What Makes Crossroads Different - Peace Corps

Favorite Memory from The Gambia - Welcoming and Naming Ceremony

Why Should someone volunteer with Crossroads


Year of Return to Ghana (West Africa)

Why it’s important to travel to Africa and not the modernized countries such as South Africa

I’m glad Ghana was my first, the Gambia was my Second, Senegal was my third, South Africa was my fourth African country

Application Deadline March 15 - If you are serious, tell them my name (Zaakirah) and they will extend application for you.

Website -

Group Size

Description of ideal volunteer

Social Media Pages - @operationcrossroadsafrica Facebook and Instagram

Pinterest and Twitter (@crossroadafrica)

You will see my photos and videos on the website

This is the shortened version of Peace Corps

Or Solo Travel with Nomadness Travel Tribe