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Apr 5, 2019

Today’s guest is my Richfriend aka Real Friend Taiisha Bradley, M.A. is the Founder of Rutherford County Black Business Network and Brunch Money. She is the Hot Chicken and Art Show Event Curator, and creator of highly sharable social moments. She is a Publicist for small business owners and nonprofit organizations. She is a wife, mother, and a South Carolina Native living in Murfreesboro. In this episode, we talk about entrepreneurship. Visit for more information. For show notes visit

She talks about the Hot Chicken and Art Show on April 12 6-10pm Free Entry open to all ages Alcoholic Beverages sold Gateway Village 804 N. Thompson Lane Suite 1A-B Condos, Townhomes, Coffee Shops, and Doctor Offices Follow #rucoartshow

Started Rutherford County Black Business Network January 2018. Her spirit inspired her to start a Black Business Directory because there was a disconnect when she Moved from Baltimore after living there for 10 years. What started as a community service project, and then was pushed further by a mentor to make it a directory. She Turned into a Facebook Group for business owners to Mix and Mingle. They wanted more opportunities to showcase their businesses and network with others. The First event was Dashiki’s and Daquiri’s end of 2018

Third Business is Brunch Money - grown and classy events that are Diverse, cultural, fun, social. She loves Brunch Lifestyle - good food, good music, community, and expendable income

Family life inspires her to go hard and heavy as a wife and mother

She loves the arts, has family in and around the arts

As a publicist, she only focuses on getting media coverage for clients. It’s okay if clients outgrow her and go to a major platform. Her purpose is to help people get to that certain level of success.

Quotes and Take Aways:

  • Entrepreneurship allows you to do what makes you happy and what makes sense to you
  • You don’t need permission
  • Find what works for you
  • I’m a working girl, I like to be working
  • Enjoy life instead of running and be more present
  • Better person after beginning Meditating, Chakras, Controlled Breathing
  • Intuition is real
  • Worked inside out working on change and things started lining up
  • Doesn’t make it easier but makes it less painful
  • Let the audience tell you what they are looking for
  • Family life is going to be incorporated (into work life) whether you like it or not
  • When you’re an entrepreneur, you can go nonstop - put us in a closet with a computer and you’ll see us when winter is over
  • 12pm-3pm are work hours (Best Hours) It’s also nap time for baby
  • Huge difference compared to going into work and more in control and getting more done setting your own schedule
  • If you don’t keep up with what you accomplish you’ll never feel like you get anything done


  • Big V of Nappy Roots
  • Todoist - Having an assistant she completes tasks
  • Colornote - Work on Airplane Mode and on the go
  • Amazon Echo

Visit for more information