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May 17, 2019

Leah Masterson started her career at the age of 20, moving to New York to work at Warner Music Group, MTV Networks and the Entertainment Law Offices of Greenberg Traurig. Leah also moved to Los Angeles to work at Universal Music Group as a paralegal, where she worked closely to the VP of Business & Legal Affairs. By the age of 25, Leah started her first Entertainment Consulting & New Business Development firm in Atlanta, GA, Master Music Enterprise, LLC.  Leah has a J.D. Degree at Charleston School of Law and also received education at Butler University in Audio-Recording & Pre-Law, and also attended Tish School of the Arts at New York University to study Film & TV. With being able to attain real-life experiences within the entertainment industry, Leah was molded from a young age into a business-minded individual whose purpose includes using her gained knowledge to help others succeed in the Music Industry as a Leader and a Team Player.

In this episode she talks about:

  • What she does
  • Why she started Master Music Enterprise LLC
  • What she learned during the entrepreneurial process
  • What Helped her to manage day to day
  • Where she is from and where in the U.S. she has traveled to
  • Tips for entrepreneurs and those who want to be in the Music Business
  • What's life like juggling all the many hats she wears

I also share a mini story of how we got connected and first met and the person who connected us.

This episode is sponsored by Airbnb.

People and Places Mentioned:

Fran Lover

BMAC (Bryan McDaniels)

Music Midtown

Calvin Evans Photography

KK Smith Hair

A3C Festival and Conference (All 3 Coasts)

Zaytoven and the Dungeon Family

Brand Factory Atlanta

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“God cannot give you things that you cannot handle.”

“My first year of law school, I ended up pregnant. And I just use this as an opportunity just to use this as an inspiration. it just motivated me more to finish school.”

“Being an entrepreneur, all the stuff you go through when you finally decide to leave a well-paying career and just fight to figure out how you're going to pay your bills or survive and the learning opportunities that come out of it prepares you for a lot of things in life.”

“...Going through the grind from the bottom all the way to the top”

“Change your mindset and the positivity and just see it as a lesson and a blessing.”

“I just saw a lot of artists getting ripped off the terrible contracts. You know, they don't even know their accountant. And everyone's taking all their money.”

“I had all these mentors that taught me how the hip hop industry was, so I was just at the ground with everyone just learning about the whole thing, and what goes on, and just actually getting to talk with everyone and hearing everyone's experiences.”

“...For every entrepreneur out there, recognize your worth. There's going to be people that would take advantage of you being an entrepreneur or just starting out.”

“I've come across people that had terrible contracts, just finding things, you got to understand what you're signing.”

“If you're giving out music, you gotta have that registered or have people signed confidentiality agreements. So if by chance they do use your music, or your photograph, or your song, or your poetry, or art or anything of the sort, you will have legal grounds, to take them for copyright infringement.”

“I always felt was my place on this earth was just to help people understand things that they can't see for themselves.”

“I just decided to start Master Music Enterprises off a whim just so I just started it as like a website just to see what will come out of it.”

“It's not about yourself, it's what connection you're going to make. Because you never know, 10 years down the line, you're going to need to call that person.”

“Watch whose feet you step on while you're climbing to the top. Because that's the butt you're going to have to kiss when you're going right back down.”

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