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May 31, 2019

Dr. April Moreno was Born and raised in Southern California. She is an Autoimmune wellness coach, speaker and community builder as well as a University researcher in autoimmune quality of life for MS patients. She grew up with Asian and Latino American parents. Multicultural living and perspectives are everything to her. After college, she lived and worked abroad in Ireland, England, Germany, and Japan. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in the final year of writing her dissertation for her Ph.D. She believes mindful wellness comes from healing within.

When her life changed completely, she found a new sense of understanding and meaning. She built new communities of support such as Sisterhood for Limitless Living, new partnerships for research, and found joy in proactively designing her life activities.
We met in She Podcasts- the group with the option to collaborate with other women podcasters.

In this episode, she talks about her love for diversity and why she became a professor of ethnic studies.
Why she started Sisterhood of Limitless Living, what she has learned from the many similar stories shared, why it is important to manage stress and lots more. This episode is for those who want to learn more about autoimmune diseases and self-care. I learned a lot and I hope you do too. You can learn more about her and her services on

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @doctoraprilwellness. Then there's the group Sisterhood of Limitless Living on Facebook: You can also find her on Youtube.
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This episode is a follow-up episode to episode #2 about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I brought in someone who I had the pleasure of speaking to in an interview on her podcast prior to bringing her onto my podcast. Listen to our interview on Apple Podcasts here.

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