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Jun 21, 2019

Jummy is a Nigerian American Descent and a London transplant and she is a huge music lover like me. We met in the She Podcasts Facebook Group.

Jummy Olawale is a licensed professional clinical counselor, motivational speaker, life coach, and podcaster. She has own private practice called Focus Counseling in Grandview Heights, Ohio where she works with clients struggling with relationship, marital, and mental health issues and helps them to find meaning, minimize their symptoms and improve their relationships with her international and multicultural life experience and education. She used to be a caseworker but that was not fulfilling enough for her. So Jummy went back to school to earn her Masters of Arts (MA.) degree in Counseling Ministries.

Jummy was born in Nigeria, Western Africa where she lived and attended elementary and secondary school. She migrated to London, England where she completed her High school and college education. After getting married, she migrated to the U.S. where she now lives with her husband and their two children.

She is also a life coach. I’m drawn to life coaches I don’t know why. Maybe because we both were that type of people that others were drawn to, in order to tell their advice to. To the point where I thought I wanted to be a therapist or psychologist but that was just too much schooling for me.

In this episode, we talk about our love for music, our love for West Africa, our love for love, the ups and downs of the immigration journey, why she started her own practice, and why she loves what she does. Here, she speaks from personal experiences.
She talks about:

  • Her immigration experience
  • She shares the experienced that encouraged her to leave no new person at a job behind
  • Why she encourages people to travel to other countries as a local
  • She shares her favorite songs
  • She shares where she has traveled to

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