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Sep 18, 2019

Today we're talking about women in the industry, and what it's like being an artist and being in country music and being in Music City. You also get an exclusive sneak peek into her new instrumental that she wrote.

Michelle Canning is originally from Massachusetts by way of Kentucky where she graduated Morehead State University with a bachelor's of art and traditional music. She also holds a master's in music business. Michelle Canning is my co-worker from the Grand Ole Opry. She's also the first co-worker I really got to really hang out with. We started on the same day and saw each other all the time. 

Michelle Canning is a wonderful, emotion-filled country, banjo and bluegrass player.

She is the lead singer and player behind the Michelle Canning Band.

Recognized for her vibrant stage presence, Michelle Canning has toured several states and a few countries. When she is not touring, songwriting, or working at the Grand Ole Opry, she teaches music lessons. 

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