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Sep 25, 2019

In this episode, you will learn how podcasting is very similar to the other mediums. I will share the best tips and tricks for starting off with editing and publishing your own podcast even ith a co-host before outsourcing so you become familiar with your own podcast's brand. I will also share how to go from writing to speaking as a podcaster. I will also share the importance of sharing your story on your podcast because your story needs to be heard. 

How Podcasting Was My Therapy

How I went from Blogging to Youtubing, to Podcasting

  • My popular blog post became the first podcast episode - sharing my story as a cancer survivor
  • Read Your Own Blog Posts in a Casual Voice
  • How to Repurpose Your Content 
  • How to Confidently Share Your Story (Toot Your Own Horn) 
  • Most people do not care about your voice the way you do
  • How to use the skills that you already have to make high-quality audio content - Foamboard, Blanket, Tent, Partition
  • Continue to Use Youtube 
  • Become familiar with your own brand before outsourcing or co-hosting


  • Just Do It
  • Export Audio from your already Uploaded Videos
  • Record and Edit 
  • But Don’t be afraid to share your story - it needs to be heard
  • Use the Microphone from your phone and the voice recorder apps on your phone
  • Record and edit three episodes of your own before outsourcing



“Even though there are a million podcasts out there Your voice, knowledge, and story are unique.”

“I watched Youtube videos by Pat Flynn in regards to the technical aspect of getting started.”

“Podcasting is basically your own NPR.”


Use Libsyn as your host

You may also use Anchor or Soundcloud as a way to get started for free

Technology Engagement Center

Acuity Scheduling

Zoom Online Meetings 

Zoom H1n Recorder

If you have a Macbook or access to a Mac at a library, use Garageband

Podcasts Mentioned that I Listen to

I listened to the Nicole Walters Podcast - I finally get over imposter syndrome

I also listened to the episode by 

Happy Black Woman 

Side Hustle Pro

GoalDigger Podcast


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