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Oct 16, 2019

Heidi Luerra is the Author of The Work of Art,  A No-Nonsense Field Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs. 

RAW Artists (RAW: natural born artists) is for artists, by artists, located in all of North America and Australia. It is a U.S-based, multi-faceted independent arts organization, that brings together independent artists in visual art, music, fashion, film, photography, performing arts, hair, and makeup to host an eclectic showcase event in over 80 cities around the world. Their new Platform empowers creative entrepreneurs with tools and resources to operate their own artist showcases. 

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Today we talked about:

  • Heidi's journey from fashion to entrepreneurship
  • Why she started RAW Artists
  • What evolving challenges she faced 
  • Art collectives and marketing.
  • In honor of 10 years of Raw Showcases, 10 things she learned throughout her creative career 
  • The process and inspiration behind “The Work of Art” 
  • Crowdfunding challenges and misconceptions.
  • The moments she felt like maybe she should not be doing this
  • How self-education, manifestation, clarity, and abundance played a role in her success
  • The importance of putting your head down, doing the work, marketing yourself and putting yourself out there
  • Traveling to the places where RAW Artists have showcases
  • Sacrifices for success

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