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Nov 6, 2019

As a retinoblastoma cancer survivor, I’ve been blind in one eye as a child. I’ve worn hearing aids since I was three. In this episode, I talk about

  • Advocating for myself
  • Being left out of conversations
  • Others think I am ignoring them
  • I can’t hear behind me but I am a lip reader
  • If you are not facing me I cannot understand you
  • sometimes I am Insecure about asking others to repeat themselves especially on the phone
  • Insecure about my voice which is deep due to PCOS Mentioned in Episode 2
  • Speech therapy helped with knowing when I’m speaking loud or soft
    Requires patience as I only pick up on mumbles
  • Being talked down/like stupid like others do to elders whose hearing has declined
  • Being a summer camp counselor to visually and hearing impaired students
  • I can tune out negativity
  • Learned not to focus on what others say
  • Learned a new language - sign language
  • Had sign language musical performances in high school
  • Met new deaf people
  • Only mastered the sign language alphabet
  • Role of Amazing Audiologists
  • Wearing Expensive Hearing Aids 
  • My hearing is reducing slowly 
  • I am still able to enjoy life and music concerts and choosing really good songs to listen to 
  • World Hearing Day is the First Week of March
  • Deaf Awareness Week is the last week of September

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Youtube Videos by Deaf Comedians

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