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Oct 22, 2021

Kaya Mason pivoted her business in the pandemic of 2020 to grow GAMS Global Solutions. She created PPE social safety vending machines to provide them in public places across Atlanta Georgia. After her own personal experience at the start of the pandemic, she realized there should be an easy way for customers to get a mask at the place they needed to go, conveniently, and without hassle. Soon after Kaya retired from her career as a scientist and educator, Kaya has been asked to teach others how to follow her footsteps, and begin her coaching and consulting program, and now, hosting and spearheading VEND CON. She has spearheaded Vending Convention - a place where she virtually helps Black entrepreneurs to start and grow their vending machine businesses.

Kaya helps Black Women to build Generational Wealth by starting a profitable Business in The Vending Machine Industry. As a Mom and Holistic Practitioner, she strives to live a Natural and Clean Lifestyle. Kaya is proof that an idea sparked can birth a huge impact and has wasted no time in sharing her creation with the world.

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