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Dec 9, 2022

Anne Gannon, founder of The Largo Group, shares how to create a financially resilient hospitality business that is accountable to its customers and employees. As a former golfer, Anne understands the importance of taking care of her business both on and off the course. In this episode, Anne shares how to operate your business while still providing excellent customer service. By following Anne's tips, you can create a business that is both financially and organizationally resilient. This will help you weather any storms that might come your way, and keep your business growing and thriving. You'll learn how to set up financial goals, develop a business plan, and create an organizational structure that will help your business succeed.

We talk about

  • How her career as a professional golfing athlete helped her to develop the mindset and methodology necessary to run a successful business 
  • How she helps small business owners to understand the fundamentals of accounting
  • Recommended Invoicing Apps (Square and Intuit)
  • Tips for competitive restaurant pricing in the gig economy Providing exceptional customer service
  • Why restaurants should not be afraid of new technology
  • What it’s like being a second generation entrepreneur 
  • And is it too late to start a business?

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Buy her book: Never Again: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Creating a Resilient Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery

Anne's bio:

In 2016 Anne Gannon founded The Largo Group, a firm specializing in over-delivering for entrepreneurs and business owners. Anne believes unprecedented growth is due to believing in providing a team of experts to their clients at an affordable and flat-fee rate so that their clients have the peace of mind of knowing the Largo Group is only a phone call away. In the early days of the pandemic, Anne pivoted The Largo Group to provide hands on support for the hospitality industry that was in a free fall. Anne and her team provide free offerings to major corporations as well as individuals, which included weekly check-in sessions to provide updates on everything from cash flow to government assistance. Anne has remained committed to providing free education and assistance for many business owners as their business is their largest financial asset. In 2004 Anne became a pro golfer but quickly realized listening to CNBC and reading the Wall Street Journal that her true love was economics and business. As the daughter of a life-long entrepreneur, Anne knew her dream was to make a difference in the accounting world. Not the golf course. 

Meet Your Host:

Zaakirah is a cancer survivor, author, creative strategist, professional photographer, and digital marketer. She helps disabled entrepreneurs grow their businesses and powerfully tell their stories through media. At 6 months old, a camera saved her life. At 9 months old, she was taken into surgery to have her right eye removed due to a rare childhood eye cancer tumor that was detected by a photo her mom took. Her hearing slowly began to decline as she got older, but her other three senses kicked in and are functioning well. At age five her mom gifted her with her first camera. She received her first digital camera in middle school. By the time she attended technical high school, she studied commercial photography. She never strayed too far from her purpose in life. Later on, she moved to Washington D.C. to expand her education in professional photography and videography. She has traveled to 11 countries, 3 continents and 21 states. 

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