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Sep 11, 2020

Welcome to Season 4! Summer 2020 I began a series highlighting Muslim women entrepreneurs. Our first guest is Zahra Aljabri, a spiritual coach, writer, and award winning entrepreneur.

She has the gift of being able to shift people’s perspectives and guide them out of a negative mindset into a positive one. Zahra’s unique tools enable Muslims or people of faith to hear God speaking to them in loving tones. 

Her coaching approach focuses on shifting her clients' mindset towards themselves and Allah (God) which leads them to a transformed outlook on life. She helps you to unlock your potential to pursue and succeed at all of your dreams.

Zahra supports people of faith to practically apply their religious knowledge so that God’s description of peace, love and support can be yours. 

She is also a marriage and relationship coach with her husband with a company called Practical Muslim. 

Zahra and her husband James have been married for 12 years and have four children together. They have lived in Minneapolis, NYC, Norway and most recently, LA.

Today we talk about:

  • How September 11 literally changed her perspective on Islam
  • Her parent's immigration story
  • Her Love story
  • An experience where she was tested in her walk of faith
  • What it's like being a Black American Muslimah
  • What you can do to learn about Islam and racism

Episodes mentioned:

Neymat (Episode 11), Aizya (Episode 20) and My Mom Episodes (36/37 two parts) and Episode 5 my dad.

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