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Dec 11, 2020

Khadijah Abdul Azeez a motivational speaker, author, and social media influencer. She lives in Atlanta. We know each other from my childhood best friend. Khadijah wrote her first book Makeup for Your Soul and has a podcast.

She started Queendom Motivation in 2018 to empower women to love themselves. It inspires all women to embrace their very own crown and find beauty inside and out!  She started from the bottom now she’s here; her childhood had been so rough mentally and physically from being the second oldest of 12 children. She loves the beauty and makeup world.

She is an empath, very sensitive, and emotional. She is a Member of NAMI- National Alliance of Mental Illness. 

We Talk About: 

  • What it is like being a Muslim Woman
  • Growing Up in a Strict household
  • Growing up Muslim second oldest of 12 siblings
  • Being married and then divorced twice
  • How Islam plays a role in overcoming the adversity of coming back to Allah (God).
  • How she came up with the title Makeup for Your Soul Beauty 
  • Experience with colorism, sexism, or discrimination being a Muslim Woman
  • Read an excerpt from a chapter in the book

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