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Dec 2, 2022

Remi Ray is a high-performance coach for neurodiversity women to accept their individuality and increase their income. She helps her clients overcome their confidence and shame issues and gives them strategies to help them reach their highest potential. One of the 50 most influential neurodivergent, Remi Ray is an established coach and trainer who has a formidable career in business. She has successfully spent the last ten years as a go-to coach, entrepreneur, and mentor. Despite her challenges, Remi has had an award-winning career that started in fashion. Her niche now is in neurodiversity focused on performance and leadership development, helping professionals and entrepreneurs navigate and flourish. 

In this episode,

  • She dived into her dyslexia diagnosis process at the age of 19
  • Her pivot from plus size fashion to business coaching
  • Her legacy of generational wealth and what it represents as a Jamaican descendant British Woman with a daughter of African descent.

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