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Mar 3, 2023

How do you get your message online? How do you tell your story? We're going to incorporate technology to make things easy. Get clarity, become more confident, and be less overwhelmed with your health and nutrition goals, your business and creative side hustle, and your marketing automation system. Today's episode is all about See Life different Summit, what it is, why you should attend, and who's going to be there. The See Life Different Summit is a one day workshop for marginalized women of color to start, grow and scale their businesses. Start with your mindset with a piece of mindfulness and then go into storytelling. The See Life Different Summit is based on the podcast, for women, by women. If you are used to coming to work, you're an entrepreneur, and you're definitely abled, whether it is visible or invisible, the Summit is for you. You have a community of other creatives and entrepreneurs on the same pathway.

Listen as guest speakers YaQutullah I. Muhammad, Khadirah S. Muhammad, Zaakirah N. Muhammad, and Pamela D. Marshall give you a sense of the event.

Watch on Youtube:

Your purpose will be knocking on your door until you take action, network, and you attend the See Life Different Summit.
Be sure to get your tickets in Atlanta. It's going to be an intensive day. The See Life Different Summit is that safe space for you if you identify as a marginalized woman, or chronically ill, you've always taken the unbeaten pathway, you are a woman of faith, and you've always wanted a safe environment to be creative and be yourself.
Get your tickets now!