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Nov 18, 2022

Women of Wakanda Summit is a woman empowerment event released in honor of the Black Panther movie. This episode talks about all of the things about tech, entrepreneurship, media, mental health, and women empowerment.

I was honored to be a part of it as a Women of Wakanda Summit Panelist Speaker, event strategist and co producer.

Women of Wakanda Summit Media Panel was moderated by Pamela D Marshall of At the Wellness Network and had Adedayo Fashanu CEO and founder of TantTV (The African network TV), Lia World Traveler and Funmi Eko as panelists. We all talked about adversity in media, what our life had been like in the media, and why we chose media. Recorded on Entrepreneurship Day, I shared how being a second generation entrepreneur with creative tech abilities allowed the contribution of clarity, ease, and productivity.

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