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Jul 30, 2021

Welcome to Season 5 of the See Life Different Podcast formerly known as Living Legacy Podcast.

It's been a busy one.

The biggest thing accomplished was celebrating reaching two years of podcasting by having a virtual summit in March 2021.

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Song Mentioned: A Million Lives by Jake MIller

In this solo episode I talk about:

  • Rebranding podcast to the same name as my book
  • The many things I've learned  that I would do different and want to do again
  • The purpose of the summit: to empower other women to level up in their personal and their professional life and encourage women to see life differently, see life more positively 
  • A pivot as to what I do for other service-based entrepreneur that don't necessarily need a photo shoot or don't necessarily need a full blown marketing strategy plan.
  • Having a virtual summit is no easy feat
  • Being well-branded all things purple making it welcoming
  • Summit topics: mindset, boundaries, entrepreneurship, podcasting storytelling, entrepreneurship and conflict management, 
  • The power of online community 
  • Writing out goals for this summit
  • Set goals and even if you don't meet them, so many other opportunities come
    • What I gained:
      Emails subs, gained followers, more YouTube subscribers 
  • Planned my meals ahead of time to nourish me and stay hydrated 
  • The goal is to help other women to tell their stories confidently, master their marketing, and go to their events by managing a business, starting a business, starting a podcast, growing that podcast 
  • Never stop owning your story
  • Never stop showing up online because you never know what people will see in you