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Mar 24, 2023

Yaqutullah Ibraheem Muhammad is the founder and owner of Nutrition Prescriptions, a nutrition consulting practice that specializes in recipe development and analysis, Nutrition education and women's wellness. YaQutullah has almost two decades of experience in dietetics and nutrition. She works with patients and clients...

Dec 18, 2020

Rebecca Scritchfield is a well-being coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, ACSM certified exercise physiologist, and author of the best selling book, Body Kindness: Transform your health from the inside out and never say diet again. 

Rebecca is a freelance writer for The Washington Post and Self magazine, an advisor...

Sep 4, 2019

Aizya Ali Mohammed is a Dietitian and Health and Wellness Consultant and also my childhood best friend.

She educates about the importance of eating healthy!

She graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s in Food Nutrition and Wellness. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband who is a...