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May 20, 2022

In this episode I share little known facts about Tulsa and Muskogee Oklahoma

•45 minutes away from Tulsa via toll road

•4 hours away from Dallas, Texas

•Cherokee Nation

•Bass Reeves (Harder They Fall)

  • Black Wall Street
  • Tulsa Remote

    •Lower cost of living

    •Lots of Vietnam Veterans (my dad)

May is mental health awareness month and Silence the Shame is on a mission to empower and educate communities on mental health and wellness. To learn more about the organization visit their website Subscribe to the Silence to Shame podcast. Check out and subscribe to silence the Shame TV on YouTube. To show your support please consider donating by texting silence to 707070 or at

June 6-10 2022 I will be speaking at my first international speaking opportunity at the travel blogger Exchange (TBEX). Travel blogger exchange has been around for over a decade and it is the biggest networking event and conference and content creator event for travel photographers and creators. I get to speak on storytelling and branding. if you are a travel media creator and you want to attend, visit

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