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Oct 2, 2019

Debbie Wheeler Anosike is from Texas and her husband is from Nigeria and mine is from The Gambia. We talk about the K1 and CR-1/ IR-1 Visa as well as the I-130 process and the I-864 Income Guidelines.

Learn more about the emotional struggle of bringing your immigrant loved ones from overseas to the US, The importance of sisterhood, The Step by Step process and how you can bring your spouse or fiance without a lawyer. 

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90 Day Fiance

I Found Love - What Do I Do Next? 

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"Every country has an income guideline that a petitioner must meet to bring and sponsor and bring their loved one here."

"America is the cheapest country by far."

"Think about co signing for a car and you don't know nothing about what they bought. Somebody decided you say would you cosign for me to go get this car. You don't know if the car is new or whatever, but you say okay."

"Please know the income guidelines on the I-864 is the poverty guidelines." 

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